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Diamond Shopping E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Diamond Shopping was founded in London, England and is jointly operated by a group of like-minded Internet elites. The ultimate goal of the company is to rely on the popularization of Internet e-commerce globalization combined with the convenience of digital currency and continuous innovation and development to jointly create a seamless and decentralized cross-border online shopping community of major global e-commerce platforms, enabling our members participate in the $6.3 trillion annual online business opportunity, benefit from it anywhere in the world, and earn ongoing passive income.

The innovative idea of Diamond Shopping is to allow members to take advantage of the ever-changing Internet technology and combine convenient and secure encrypted digital currency (in March 2022, the company has reached strategic cooperation with major platforms such as Binance, OKEX, Huobi), so that the system can automatically allocate orders, allowing maximize the benefits of members. After thoroughly understanding the drawbacks of the traditional manual card swiping method, Diamond Shopping found that the traditional card swiping method is time-consuming and often error-prone.

Project Introduction
Diamond Shopping is also an opportunity to make money
Diamond Shopping business model and business logic are actually 2 simple things : match orders, referred to matching orders. To put it simple, the ordering is actually to distinguish the products of Diamond Shopping merchants from the information of the members separately, and then use big data science to integrate the information of both parties into data and match them to avoid information asymmetry or information overlap. The matched product information will be automatically sent to Diamond Shopping global members for scoring. The members of Diamond Shopping only need to evaluate the products of the merchants and give the products praise to get the merchants' rewards.
Financial Security
Formal company and professional accounting team
Platform Specialty
Professional order grabbing platform
Easy To Operate
Easy to operate simple to control
Customer Service
Multiple authentication is safe and reliable
Development path
Diamond Shopping brings a new hope to people
September 2019
Diamond Shopping studio was officially established and began to operate orders business.
February 2020
Diamond Shoping have more than 1 million users and obtained $3.5 million dollars in financing.
July 2020
Diamond Shopping has officially entered the capital market outside the UK, the global transaction volume reaches $24 billion.
June 2021
Diamond Shopping uses intelligent matching system instead of manual operation, and the company's business is fully automated.
March 2022
In order to expand the global market share and accelerate the global layout, Diamond Shopping has reached strategic cooperation with major digital currency exchanges Binance, OKEX, Huobi and other platform
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